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To ensure that you are prepared to enter the next phase of the program - which means progressing toward completing your Practicum and Internship. Counselor Education Faculty are required to serve as gatekeepers in the profession. The Mid-Program Review is an opportunity for faculty to assess your overall performance in the program, your professional competence, and your dispostion.. Lastly, this is an opportunity for you to engage in a collaborative conversation with faculty to discuss your readiness to enter the counseling profession.

When does Mid-Program Review occur?

You will schedule a time for your Mid-program Review the semester before you plan to take Practicum (CON 5372).  This is usually the same semester that you take Pre-practicum (CON 5371).  However, the Mid-Program Review is not offered in the summer (except for online students in a residency), so if you plan on taking Pre-practicum on campus during the summer (and Practicum in the Fall), you will need to schedule your Mid-program review for the previous Spring semester.  Students in an online section of Pre-practicum will complete their Mid-program Review during their residency (regardless of semester). 

You can not proceed in the program (or begin Practicum) until you complete the Mid-program Review. 

What will occur during the Mid-Program Review?

During the Mid-program review, faculty will ask you and few questions about your development as a counselor and examine your transcript to ensure that have the proper educational foundation and that your cumulative grade point average is in good standing. The faculty will assess your readiness to work with multiculturally diverse populations.

What questions will be asked by the Faculty?

Students will be asked a number of questions about their journey in the program. We will have a conversation about your field site placement plans for Practicum and Internship.

How long will the Mid-Program Review Last?

15-30 minutes


To schedule your review, visit this link:


If there are no appointment slots availalbe within the calendar system, please let Dr. Chad Royal know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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