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My name is Melissa Castillo and I’m the Camp Associate of Camp SAY, a 2-week sleep-away summer camp for kids who stutter and their young family members and friends (ages 8-18) from all around the country, and even the world.

First, I would like to thank you for your continuous support and efforts you have put forth in helping us find the most qualified staff. This summer, we are again looking for some more great young adults (minimum age: 19) to join our team as PAID staff members.

If you know of any more students in the NC Central community who would be interested in this summer job opportunity, please pass on the information below and encourage them to fill out our application. Please note that we are only looking for applicants for the following positions at this time:

Thank you, again for your continuous support in spreading the word about Camp SAY, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Melissa Castillo


Camp SAY is a 2-week sleep-away summer camp for kids who stutter and their young family members and friends (ages 8-18) from all around the country, and even the world. For an even better idea of what camp is all about check out these two videos:

Camp SAY 2017 will take place August 1st - 15th, 2017 at Blue Star Camps in Hendersonville, North Carolina. This year we are expecting around 135 campers, and we are looking for dedicated, passionate, patient, hard-working people to join our staff. New staff applicants must have experience working with children to be considered for the counselor position.

Because stuttering affects more boys than girls (about 4:1), we are especially looking for MALE COUNSELORS to join our staff. We are also still looking for the following positions: AV/DJ, NURSES, and DRIVERS. All staff positions are PAID positions.

We ask all staff members to join us for Staff Training starting July 25th and be able to stay until August 16th.

Positions we are hiring for Camp SAY 2017:

  • Male Counselor - Live with and be responsible for a group of 6-12 campers with a co-counselor (create a positive, unified, safe space in the bunk, help to wake up and get ready, help go to bed, help stay organized, eat all meals together in the dining hall, etc.). Lead/support various camp activities throughout the day, including sports, performing/creative arts, adventure/outdoor activities, group-bonding activities, and more.
  • Driver - Drive campers and staff members around the campsite, deliver supplies/materials to different activities, drive campers and staff members to and from the hospital and other non-emergency medical locations, drop off and pick up campers and staff members at the airport, and make other off-site trips as needed by the Travel Coordinator or Directors.
  • Nurse - Provide all necessary health care and promote good health; ensure that the clinic is kept clean and stocked with appropriate supplies and medications; keep clear, accurate, and concise records on all campers and staff; conduct initial and final health checks; keep a daily medical log and maintain and document the camper/staff chart; dispense and keep a record of daily medications administered; keep track of patients requiring follow-up visits for medical care; observe at all times all areas of camp to ensure optimum levels of health and safety for campers and staff; determine if and when a camper/staff member should be taken to the hospital or other medical location; work closely with the rest of the Health Care Team (2nd Nurse, Health Associate) and under the direction of the Health Coordinator and Directors.
  • AV/DJ – Help to infuse more music throughout the camp experience; set up equipment, such as microphones, speakers, video screens, projectors, recording equipment, connecting wires and cables, sound and mixing boards, stage lights, etc.; test equipment before an event or activity; monitor sound feeds to ensure quality; diagnose and correct media system problems; work with staff to ensure proper handling and installation of all equipment; help to set the mood and elevate the fun at camp at meals, during transitions, and throughout activities and special events; work under the direction of the Programming Director and Camp Directors.

All staff members are expected to actively support, encourage, and engage all campers socially, emotionally, and physically (help with conflict resolution, self-confidence, strong communication; be a positive role model/mentor/great listener; show patience, enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility, generosity, etc.).

To apply, simply fill out an application.


Melissa Castillo
Camp SAY Associate
SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young (formerly Our Time)
phone: 828-393-4244
office: 212-414-9696
fax: 888-414-3166

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