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About Us. Growing Self Counseling and Coaching a vibrant, positive, collaborative private practice setting in which we see motivated, high-functioning clients who primarily present seeking help with their relationships, a desire to make changes in their lives or careers, or with mild mental health concerns. We are based in Denver, Colorado but are opening physical offices in other states, and have a strong presence across the US and internationally through online video.
We are actively seeking well-qualified candidates who are licensed, or licensure-eligible in states outside of Colorado to join our team.
What We Are Looking For
We are seeking to connect with a smart, positive, effective, talented couples counselors who have specialized training and experience in the core services we provide to our clients: Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy, and Relationship Coaching, and Premarital Counseling; OR licensed or licensure-eligible therapists with a strong background in Career Counseling.
We would prefer to partner with practitioners that are available to grow their caseload to "full time" with us (approximately 16-24 or more clients per week), who are available to meet with clients in-person as well as online, and who would like to establish a positive, long-term partnership with our group.
Professional Qualifications:
We bring our clients meaningful, valuable help by providing excellent, ethical, and compassionate care from highly educated, well-trained experts who practice evidence-based forms of counseling and coaching.
To ensure that our clients receive the best, we prefer to partner with practitioners who:
○ Have a Master’s or Doctoral degree in Marriage and Family Therapy or a related field, ideally from a CACREP, COAMFTE or APA accredited university; or who have a Master’s or Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology (or related field) with education or training that emphasized Career Development.
○ Are licensed or eligible for licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist, or Professional Counselor.
○ In addition to competence with couples counseling, or career counseling, our ideal candidates also possess general practitioner abilities to assess and effectively help clients with a wide variety of presenting concerns such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, (mild) trauma, life transitions, and grief and loss.
○ Have competence and comfort with technology, electronic record-keeping systems, online video conferencing and online correspondence
○ Possess excellent relationship-building skills, professionalism with clients and colleagues, strong organizational and time management skills, strong written and verbal communication skills, and are responsive to team members and clients.
○ Are personally committed to continuing education and professional development opportunities.
○ Have the ability (and desire) to work independently, but who also seek support and consultation when needed.
○ Feel excited about the opportunity to be a part of our community: Developing warm, collaborative relationships with other professionals on our team, and also share your voice and wisdom through articles on the blog at
○ Coach training and / or certification is a plus.
What We Can Offer You
We Support Happy, Healthy Helpers. In addition to our dedication to providing a supportive, transformative environment for our counseling and coaching clients, Growing Self is just as committed to supporting talented, passionate counselors and coaches in excelling at the work they love.
Our contractors get the benefit of our marketing, billing, insurance submissions and administration systems. We connect you with a stable stream of great clients, help you build your ideal caseload, and assist you in creating your optimum work / life balance. As part of our supportive group, you are free to focus on the meaningful, satisfying work that you do best.
Part-Time Hours, Full-Time Pay. Our compensation is generous and based on your education, years of experience, licensure, specialties, and certifications. Our contractors generally build robust caseloads quickly, and have enormous earning potential. Working with us allows you to create your own schedule and take unlimited time off. This empowers you to have flexibility in your schedule, be there for your family, practice good self-care, and create the work / life balance that is so critical for anyone in the helping professions.
We are all about showing up authentically and generously for our clients and have the same attitude towards our colleagues. Our goal is for you to love this group as much as we do, and feel valued, appreciated, and excited about practicing your craft every day.

Let's Grow, Together. Because we are a team of helpers who are genuinely committed to being as effective as possible with our clients, we have monthly team training on a variety of relevant topics that help you continue learning, growing and expanding your skill-set. We have engaging consultation groups that allow you to get support and perspective from other professionals. Additionally, if you work with us, you’ll get access to proprietary training, evidence-based coaching tools and techniques, and our vast resources so that you can feel even more confident and effective in helping your clients achieve their most precious goals for themselves, their families, and their relationships.
If you're interested in joining our group, we'd love to hear from you! Please submit your resume and cover letter to our clinical director Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby through our website: > About Us > Join Our Team
The Growing Self Team
Growing Self, LLC • 720 S Colorado Blvd • Ste 1353N • Denver, CO 80246 720-370-1800 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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