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Horne bike42.5 million adults and 17.1 million children in the US experience mental health and addiction disorders

On June 29th Dr. Robert A. Horne, NCC, LPC, ACS, LCAS, ICAADC, MAC, an Assistant Professor of Counselor Education at North Carolina Central University and Chair, National Board for Certified Counselors Foundation Minority Fellowship Program Advisory Council will take-off on a 10,000 mile motorcycle trek encircling the continental United States to promote mental health and substance use awareness and treatment among members of underserved and non-served communities. The ride event titled, Counseling Around America ( and its companion gofundme campaign, Support Counseling Around America ( represent his effort to: 1) bring attention to disparities in mental health and adiction awareness and treatment; 2) connect counselors with people in underserved communities who may not have readily available access to mental health and/or addiction services; and 3) provide everyone with an opportunity to financially support non-profit organizations that promote, support, and/or train mental health and addiction counselors who serve members of underserved communities and non-served communities.

10,000 miles to raise awareness and $30,000

The CounselingAroundAmerica ( event is a 10,000 mile motorcycle ride encircling the continental United States to raise money for 3 non-profit mental health and/or addiction counseling related organizations;  National Board for Certified Counselors Foundation, North Carolina Central University Counselor Education Program Foundation/Addiction Studies Certificate Program, and the Uganda Counselling Association.

Dr. Horne will be circling the United States completing the USA 4 Corners Motorcycle Tour. The 4 Corners Tour is coordinated by the Southern California Motorcycling Association. The USA Four Corners Motorcycle Tour is a long distance motorcycle ride which includes visiting the four corner cities of the United States (Madawaska, ME; Blaine, WA; San Ysidro, CA; and Key West, FL) within a 21 day time limit. Fewer than 100 motorcyclists complete this 8,000 mile ride each year and only 1600 motorcyclists have completed it in 33 years. Since Dr. Horne will be leaving from and returning to Durham, NC the ride is expected to exceed 10,000 miles.

Along the way Dr. Horne will be stopping to speak with counselors, people in the community and anyone who might be interested in pursuing counseling as a profession. Dr. Horne stated, “My hope is that by participating in the USA Four Corners Motorcycle Tour and riding around the US visiting counselors and members of underserved communities, I can help people better understand the importance of mental health and addiction awareness and treatment, as well as reduce the stigma some people associate with them”.

If you would like to support or sponsor Dr. Horne with this project please visit his website at and visit to make a financial contribution. If you believe Dr. Horne’s route may come close to your agency or community and you would like him to drop by your organization please contact him at

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