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Dear Graduate Students,

We hope you are starting the fall semester refreshed and ready for exciting adventures ahead! We are part of the North Carolina Career Development Association (as we call it – NCCDA) and are reaching out to you regarding opportunities we have specifically for graduate students. We want to see more graduate students get involved with our association, particularly with these opportunities:

* Conference Scholarship – NCCDA is hosting a local conference on Friday, October 11th at Meredith College. This scholarship will fund your registration for the conference and match you with a mentor in the field. Apply by completing the application form which includes sending your resume and a cover letter describing both your career goals and what you’re hoping to gain from the conference by 5pm on September 18th.

* NCCDA Conference. Why attend?
1) The annual NCCDA conference bring together professionals from all over the state! Our NC community looks forward to this conference every year as an opportunity to learn best practices and meet new faces.
2) New Buddy Program - As a new attendee you will be paired with a professional who can help you in navigating the conference or just meet someone new!

* Best Practices Grant – Have an interesting career idea but need the money to make it work? Apply for this grant! You can earn up to $1,000 to help you offset any cost you might incur. And guess what? Your idea could turn into a conference presentation later on!

* Learn more and register here

We look forward to seeing you in October.
NCCDA Membership Committee

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