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A lack of affordability and lack of health insurance coverage are often offered as reasons why people are unable to obtain mental healthcare.  Offering affordable counseling services without the need for health insurance removes a major barrier to mental healthcare for many community members, particularly those who have been minoritized and/or marginalized. Established in August 2022 and located in the School of Education building at North Carolina Central University, Eagle Counseling Clinic fills an important need in addressing this gap in mental health services for Durham and surrounding communities.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Eagle Counseling Clinic is to provide affordable, accessible counseling services founded in cultural awareness, social justice, and wellness principles to improve the overall mental and emotional health of the Durham community and beyond, while providing clinical training experiences for graduate counseling students.

Our vision is to serve as a model of counseling services, counselor training, and research focusing on community outreach and engagement, total wellness, substance use recovery support, telehealth counseling options, and school and community partnerships.


We would like to thank Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) for supporting the vision of the Clinic through their grant, as well as Dr. Deepak Kumar and the Biomedical and Biotechnology Research Institute (BBRI) at North Carolina Central University for providing funding for the Clinic. Without the financial generosity of BCBS and the BBRI, Eagle Counseling Clinic would not exist as a resource for the community.





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