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Remote position for a Counselor, Therapist, Social Worker or Associates


Counselor, Psychotherapist, Social Worker, family or marriage counseling or Associates

WHY US: You will work with awesome people in a family oriented, positive and supportive environment with competitive salary and benefits, flexible work schedules and low workload. Our practice is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we are looking forward to having you join our great team who is committed to serve the employees and the patients. We value life and work balance.


This great position will offer a good life and work balance, supportive and positive work environment, appreciative and respectful clients, flexible work schedule, and competitive salary. We offer $45-$60 per patient, meaning that you can make up to $ 93,600 to $124,800 annually for a full time position. If you schedule 30 or more patients weekly, you can get medical, dental and vision insurance benefits. You make your own work schedule besides some evenings or weekends availability.

We handle all your insurance credentialing process and claims, and cover your EHR and malpractice insurance. We have plenty of patients and a strong team to fill out your spots easily, quickly and efficiently, which is the most important issue for a therapy job as an individual contractor. You will get 1099 forms.

JOB TYPE: Full-time or part-time 1099 position. Contract. You make your own work schedule, except for some evenings or weekends availability, and may facilitate group therapy for one hour a week.


Seeking a therapist who is interested in providing individual therapy to mental illness and substance use clients in a private outpatient psychiatric clinic. The practice offers evidence-based practice treatments and staffed by a psychiatrist, 4 physician assistants, and 5 licensed professional therapists.


-       Solid therapy skills. Cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness skills are required for this position.

-  Excellent oral and interpersonal skills: Has active listening skills. Appropriately, clearly and effectively communicate with others. Has a mature and professional manner and non - judgmental and positive attitude.

- Personality: Being caring, empathetic, friendly; pleasant, easy going, flexible. Emotional maturity, compassion and sensitivity to the feelings of others.

- Has a good work ethic: being reliable and responsible, showing genuine care for the clients, and striving to provide high-quality care. Showing up to work on time and completing the notes within 3 days.

- Strong motivation and eagerness to learn and read. Strives for self improvement.

- Good concentration, mental stability and stress tolerance: Able to focus and have a clear mind. Able to manage the stress in life and work. Stay calm and maintain stable performance under pressure.

RESPONSIBILITIES will include but are not limited to:

Provide individual therapy. Actively participate in conferences and related team-based meetings. Complete the notes within 3 days.  Train students and new employees when needed.


Has a formal master's degree in Human Service field required (e.g. LCSW, LCSW-A, LCMHC, LCMHC-A, LMFT-A or LMFT).  MUST have a NC provisional license and will be able to join the private insurance panels.

Preferences, not required: have one year postgraduate individual therapy experience with CBT and mindful therapy skills.

Please respond: Please respond with a cover letter, which will help us to understand you.

Sophia Yuan, MD, PhD
Forsyth Psychiatric Associates
2554 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd, Suite 209
Clemmons, NC 27012
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Phone: 336-660-6000
Fax: 336-536-0009

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