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All three of our programs (Career Counseling and Placement, School Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling) are offered and accredited as 100% online programs.

Some courses within the Program are "Synchronous" courses (meaning everyone is meeting together online at the same time).  Some courses are "Asynchronous" (meaning not everyone has to meeet together online at the same time ).  Most asynchronous courses, however, are very structured.   There will still be a course schedule and specific deadlines for assignments.  You will be expected to follow the course at its specified pace.   It is not intended that you work solely at your own pace. Taking asyncronous classes means that you have some freedom and flexibilty about where you are located and when you decide to work within the structured timeframe. You will still have structure and deadlines for your work, experiences, and exercises.


There are three residencies that are required as a part of your study as an online student.  These residencies must be completed by students in the online programs.

      • Residency 1 – Orientation
      • Residency 2 – Associated with CON 5351 (Group Counseling)
      • Residency 3 – Associated with CON 5371 (Pre-Practicum in Counseling)

Residency 1 is completed online using videoconferencing software.  You will be provided an orientation to the Program and receive vital information for getting started in your first courses.

Residencies 2 and 3 are directly connected to two of your courses and will require that you be on our Durham, NC campus for 2-3 days (2-3 days for Residency 2 - and 2-3 days for Residency 3). Students are provided ample notice regarding dates of residencies so that they may make the appropriate arrangements to be on campus.  Please note that if you find that you are unable to attend a scheduled residency, you will need to drop or delay taking the course associated with the residency.   This could lengthen your plan of study and progression through the Program.


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