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Annual Program Evaluation

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Student Outcomes Summaries / Vital Statistics

Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021

NCCU had three specialization tracks within the Counselor Education program. We had a total of 145 students enrolled: 8 in Career Counseling, 89 in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and 48 in School Counseling during this time period. These numbers do not include students double majoring, which is an option in our program. During the Summer 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 semesters, we graduated 4 Career Counseling students, 14 Clinical Mental Health Counseling students, and 12 School Counseling students. The completion rate was 99% for the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, 100% for the Career Counseling Program, and 100% for the School Counseling Program. There was an 88% pass rate for state counseling licensure exams (NCE). There was a 100% PRAXIS II exam pass rate for school licensing. The job placement rate was 100% for Career Counseling, 83% for Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and 78% School Counseling. Job placement rates reflect "no response" rather than not employed. 

NCCU had a 48-semester hour Career Counseling Degree Program (online and campus), a 60 semester-hour Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degree Program (online and campus), and a 60 semester-hour School Counseling Degree Program (online and campus). As of Fall 2021, the Career Counseling Degree Program is 60 semester hours. All programs are CACREP accredited, and we are recognized by IRCEP (International Registry for Counselor Education Programs). We are located in an urban setting with much diversity within both our faculty and student body. We had 12 full time counseling faculty and utilize a number of other affiliates to administer our program.

   Career Counseling Clinical Mental Health Counseling  School Counseling 
 # or Enrolled Students  8 89  48 
 # of Degrees Granted  4 14 12
 Completion Rate (%) 100 99  100 
 Job Placement Rate (at time of graduation) 100 83 78
National Counseling Exam Pass Rate (%) 88 88 88
Praxis II Pass Rate (%) n/a n/a 100



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In October 2015, the Counseling Program at NCCU was selected as the "Most Outstanding Master's level Counseling Program" by the Southern Association of Counselor Education and Supervision.

SACES award 2015

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