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Upon your admission to the program, you will be assigned an advisor.  Your advisor will be a permanent member of the Counselor Education faculty and will follow you during your matriculation through the program.

You will need to meet with your advisor at least one time per semester, minimum.  These meetings will be scheduled at the discretion of your advisor, but usually occur near registration times.  Registration for Spring semester classes usually begins the day after Fall break.  Registration for Summer and Fall classes usually begins the day after Spring Break.  It is suggested that you meet with your advisor in advance of these times.  You can simply call or email your advisor to request a meeting.  Advising meetings are preferrably held in person, but is up to the discretion of your individual advisor. 

At your advising meeting each semester, you will be provided with your "Registration PIN" (also referred to as an "Alternate PIN".  This is the six-digit number that is requested when you attempt to add a class in BANNER.  Note, the registration/alternate PIN is different than your "Login PIN", which is the six-digit number that you would enter to Login to BANNER (if you don't go through EOL).  The registration PIN changes every semester, whereas the Login PIN can be changed at your discretion once you login for the first time.  Students are typically provided their Login PIN during their initial orientation meeting. 

The registration/alternate PIN changes every semester.  In a Fall semester advising appointment, you will receive a PIN to register for the Spring semsester.  In a Spring semester advising appointment, you will receive a new PIN to register for both Summer and Fall classes.  You would then recieve even a different PIN the next Fall...and so on.

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