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Typical Course Offerings: Please review this document for a listing of typical course offerings (what is offered each semester).

Sample Courses of Study DRAFT: This document provides some examples of how plans of study are developed with your adviser.



There are courses within the Program that have specific pre-requisites that must be completed (also found in Course Catalog):

 CON 5304  CON 5303
 CON 5321  CON 5201 and 5310
 CON 5325  CON 5320
 CON 5351  CON 5201 and 5310
 CON 5361  CON 5351
 CON 5362  CON 5361
 CON 5371  CON 5351
 CON 5372  CON 5371
 CON 5373  CON 5351
 CON 5390  CON 5372
 CON 5401  CON 5400
 EDGR 5920  EDGR 5910

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