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Changing your major (aka, changing your program of study, changing your track) should be given careful thought and deliberation. Changing your path can have an effect on how long it takes to complete your degree - and what type of endorsement the Program will be able to provide for you at graduation.  It will have a clear impact on what type of career you have as a counselor.

The first step in this process is to discuss your thoughts and plans with your adviser.  Just because you may want to change your major does not mean that it will be allowed.  When you were admitted, you were admitted to a specific program (i.e., school vs clinical mental health vs career).  The decision to admit you was based on your application materials and the program to which you applied.  Please be aware that you may not be permitted to change your major. 

[This process is currently under revision]

If your advisor approves your desire to change your major, you must then submit an (additional) official graduate application to the new desired program (  This process is a bit quirky, in that you will need to use an email address that you did not use when you applied the first time. After you begin your new application, you will need to be in contact with Ms. Vonda Belle, the School of Education's graduate admissios specialist (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  Ask her to move your previous supporting documents to your new application.  Your application fee should also be waived.  

Your application submission will need to coincide with our existing application deadlines: October 1 and February 1. Your request/application to change majors will be reviewed and considered at that time, with other prospective student applications.  If submitted after a deadline (Oct. 1 and Feb. 1), your request/application will be considering during the NEXT application cycle.  You will not need to be interviewed again, but the application and decision will go to our Program admissions committee.  The approval/disapproval notification process will likely be very much like finding out about your initial admission decision (within the application system itself).

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