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Student Newsletter

August 17, 2020


Program Update

Over the summer, the University officially went through a realignment of some of its academic programs. This concluded a process that started in the fall semester of 2019.

As a result of this realignment, the Department of Allied Professions currently contains just the Counselor Education Program.  Dr. Royal is now the chair of the department and Dr. Whiting is the coordinator of the program.

The realignment should have very little to no effect on your matriculation or how our Program functions or operates. 

Key Dates

Our "Key Dates" letter and calendar will be distributed this week.  It will be sent out via our student email list and posted on the Program website.

Fall / December 2020 Graduates

If you intend to graduate in December, please be aware that you need to submit your application to graduate to your adviser this week

You can find a copy of the application form HERE.  Please closely follow the instructions for completing this form.  Submitting a form with errors can delay the processing of your application.

Submit your application to your adviser by 5pm on Thursday, August 20, 2020. 

If you have applied to graduate in a previous semester, you will indeed need to complete this application again for this semester.


Fall Schedule

Image courtesy of NCCUClasses will begin at 12:01am on Monday, August 24, 2020.

The University has announced that the dates of the fall semester have changed.  The fall semester will begin on August 24, 2020 and conclude on November 24, 2020. Fall Break has been eliminated, and additional online instruction dates will be held on Saturdays between August 24 and November 24.  Please visit this page for the full statement from the chancellor regarding the revised academic calendar.

For the fall semester, all graduate programs at NCCU have been requested to offer online coursework only.  Some undergraduate courses will be offered on campus. In general, it is anticipated that fewer people on campus will offer a better ability to practice social distancing and offer a safer environment for everyone.  The university has published "Guidelines for Returning to NCCU".

ALL courses within the Counselor Education Program will be offered as ONLINE courses in the fall of 2020.

Typically, in BANNER, online courses are designed with a section number that begins with "OL".  On campus courses typically have just the section number.  

At present, when you look on BANNER, the previously listed on campus course section numbers have remained unchanged. However, please note the "location" change and specification that it is an online course.  Courses that were previously listed as online courses (sections designated with "OL#") remain unchanged.

These changes, particularly last minute ones, are stressful.  The last several months have been particularly difficult.  Sometimes these circumstances require us to revisit plans that we have made previously.  We hope that you will continue to exercise and demonstrate positive counselor characteristics: Good self-care, flexibility, open-mindedness, and decision-making based on information you have at the moment.

Field Service Announcement - Fall 2020


Don't forget that your hours in the fall must be obtained during the semester dates.  You can not begin your fall placement before August 24, 2020 - and you must conclude your hours by November 24, 2020.

Students should follow all directives issued by their placement sites, local municipalities, counties, or states regarding face coverings, social distancing, staying at home, sheltering, or quarantining. Although students may not be physically present at their placement site, they may continue to accrue direct and indirect hours.

The following statements were approved by the Counselor Education faculty:

  • If telehealth methods are used at a placement site, the NCCU Counselor Education Program will allow students to participate in telehealth activities, with appropriate continuing education (training) related to telehealth practices. The education/training should be a minimum of 6 clock hours, and the student should be able to provide documentation, certificate, or attestation of the training. The training should be from an acceptable mental health organization. In addition, the student must be aware of the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics related to distance counseling/telehealth. 
    • Acceptable telehealth methods were defined by the faculty as synchronous (i.e., live) interactions using either video and/or audio technology. Audio-only technology includes telephone use.
    • All documentation regarding the training should be sent to the university supervisor.
    • Suggestions for specific trainings or providers for training will be posted on the NCCU Counseling website.

Per CACREP’s guidelines, the NCCU Counselor Education Program will allow students to “rollover” hours completed in a previous clinical placement (Practicum or Internship). The hours that could be rolled-over would consist of hours completed that would have exceeded the hours required for the previous clinical experience. For example, the Practicum requires 100 hours in the field. If a student previously documented 150 hours in Practicum, for example, the student would be able to roll-over 50 hours (the excess left after 100 hours completed).

  • Hours rolled-over in an internship situation (a previous 300-hour internship into a second 300-hour internship) would need to have occurred in the track for which they are currently placed. For example, a student who completed 350 hours in a school placement could roll-over 50 hours into a second school placement. However, if the previous placement was in a mental health placement, the 50 hours would not roll-over into a school placement.
  • Students carrying Incompletes from spring placements will carry over hours already submitted and will continue fall placement if possible.
  • Fall Internships are advised to be for 300 as opposed to 600 total hours to provide flexibility for alternate ways of accumulating direct service hours with clients.  

Please be assured that your safety and your education have been our primary focus. It is not easy making decisions like this, but we have made our best efforts to develop plans that (as much as possible) are safe, fair, and maintain the standards set for training.



Nu Chi Chi Test Taking Strategies Workshop - September 13, 2020

The purpose of this workshop is to assist students and non-students with the strategies and skills necessary to take the NCE and CPCE Examinations. Topics include managing test-taking anxiety, personalizing a study plan, and practicing multiple study strategies (e.g., mnemonic devices, flash cards). This workshop is meant to supplement other studying on core content that you have been reviewing. While we will cover exam content throughout the day, it will not be our sole or primary focus. Please sign up by Sunday September 6, 2020.

Face Coverings

Face coverings are required at NCCU, should you come to campus. The UNC System is requiring all individuals to wear face masks or other face coverings while on campus.  Signs will be posted around the School of Education that read "No Mask, No Entry".

Fall Textbooks

Don't forget that our textbook list is posted on the Program's website here:

Please have your materials available and ready before classes begin.


North Carolina Central University is switching to a new assessment system (Watermark/Taskstream).  The School of Education will no longer use Foliotek.  We will make information about this new system available as things progress.  For now, you do not need to create or renew a Foliotek account.  You will not need to upload any more documents into the Foliotek system.  Please be assured that faculty will still have access to what you have already uploaded in Foliotek. 


Upcoming Dates to Remember for nccuCounseling: 

  • August 18: University Conference (faculty and staff only)
  • August 20: School of Education Faculty Meeting (faculty and staff only)
  • August 21: Counselor Education / Department Meeting (faculty and staff only)
  • August 24: First day of classes for the fall semester
  • August 28: Late registration and schedule adjustment period (drop/add) ends at 4pm. Course schedules canceled for all students who have not made satisfactory payment arrangements
  • September 7: Labor Day, no classes
  • September 13: CSI Test Preparation Workshop - deadline to register is Sept. 6
  • September 18: Chi Sigma Iota Induction Ceremony
  • September 28: Last day to withdraw with a prorated tuition and fee adjustment
  • October 16: Last day to withdraw from a course
  • November 18-19: NC Career Development Association Virtual Conference 
  • December 5: Commencement


Did you know that you can subscribe to the nccuCounseling calendar?  If you use a digital calendar, you can subscribe and have all of the information from the "Key Dates" letter auto-populate in your calendar.  Visit our website for more information.

The Student Newsletter is sent to the student email list every two weeks.

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