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The Counselor Education Program at NCCU has adopted materials for use in multiple courses.  The materials, published by the Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences (AATBS), should be used in the assigned courses - as well as helpful when studing for your comprehensive exam (the CPCE) and the NCE (which is an optional exam for national certification and/or licensure).

In fact, AATBS provides a "Pass Guarantee" regarding their materials. 

The following courses currently require the AATBS NCE materials:

  • CON 5201: Ethical and Professional Orientation to Counseling
  • CON 5310: Theories and Techniques in Counseling
  • CON 5320: Vocational Theory and Behavioral Dynamics
  • CON 5351: Principles and Procedures of Group Counseling
  • CON 5360: Multicultural and Gender Issues in Counseling
  • CON 5361: Assessment, Evaluation, and Analysis in Counseling

You will only need to purchase the materials one time.  All of the above courses will use the same materials.


The following course currently requires the AATBS NCMCHE materials:

  • CON 5362: Advanced Assessment / aka Diagnosis, Assessment, and Psychopathology


To purchase either of the materials directly from AATBS at a reduced rate, please visit the following site:

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