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My name is (BK) Briana Kemp, and I am a doctoral candidate at North Carolina State University in the Counselor Education program. I am writing to ask if you are interested in participating in a research study on the mentorship experiences of Black doctoral women in counselor education programs at PWIs.

Title: Searching for Sisterhood: An Examination of the Lived Mentorship Experiences of Black Doctoral Women in Counselor Education

This study has been approved by North Carolina State University’s IRB #26723

As a current doctoral student, I acknowledge that there are unique experiences that you may have had within your program, and I am interested in capturing those experiences and learning more about them. Participation will be entirely voluntary and include a virtual interview that will last approximately 35-45 minutes via Zoom, plus an optional submission of your admission personal statement. The interview will be audio-recorded with your consent, and your identity will be kept confidential.

Participants must:

(1) self-identify as a Black woman and (2a) be currently enrolled in a doctoral-level counselor education program at a PWI, having completed at least one year of the program or (2b) be a graduate of a counselor education doctoral program within the past five years.

You cannot participate in this study if you do not meet the inclusion criteria or do not agree to be recorded for research purposes.

Participants who fully participate in the study will receive $20 electronic gift cards sent to an email address of their choice.

If you are interested in participating in the study, please complete both the attached:

Screening Survey

Demographic Questionnaire

Each should take no more than 5-10 minutes.

Once completed and if eligible, the next steps will be scheduling 1:1 Zoom interviews.

If you have any questions that may aid in deciding to participate in the study, please respond to this email as soon as you are able.



Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


(BK) Briana Kemp, MS
Doctoral Student/Graduate Teacher Assistant
Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development
Area of Study: Counseling and Counselor Education
North Carolina State University

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